Family Law

Family Law

Willison Law, PC

Families going through the stressful times of divorce, custody battles, paternity issues and other family matters that can be troubling, as an experienced Arizona Family Law Attorney, Stephanie Willison has assisted thousands of clients with family law matters.

Willison Law, PC understands when families are going through stressful times of divorce, paternity issues and other family matters that can be difficult to handle alone or often times difficult to understand. With her vast experience as an Arizona Family Law Attorney, Attorney Willison knows how to help her clients resolve family issues and get past these difficult times successfully.

We Handle:

  • Divorce, Separation – and the related stress involving the family.
  • Paternity – determination of parents, and legal clarification
  • Child custody – joint custody agreements, legal and physical
  • Domestic violence law – protective orders, defense against charges

Our practice also answers frequently asked questions from our clients:

• How is child support calculated?
• When is alimony/spousal maintenance allowed?
• What is the general procedure for moving criminal cases through the court system?
• What does “best interests of the children” mean in family law cases?

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