Stephanie was very knowledgeable about the ADA, DA and Judge process. She explained the DA mindset and the process the DA was required to follow. She knew what and where the latitudes of the ADA and DA were. She advised me on what would be a reasonable plea bargain and what would be the best route to get there.
Her most powerful advice was the Prosecution doesn’t see me as a human. It is my responsibility to show them I am a real person.
Armed with this wisdom I signed with the cheaper attorney and settled for the what could be the best disposition given the DA wanted a gun conviction to go on his review to get promoted.
In my case I was unable to use Stephanie as a legal representation; however, if I ever needed representation in Arizona, she would be the first person to call.

A Criminal Defense Client


I would like to thank you and tell you how much we appreciate you defending our boy. As you have probably realized, he is a terrific sincere man, who has done a lot of growing the past few months. He tells me how wonderful you are and how thankful he is to have you representing him.

A Client's Mother

Everything Mrs. Willison advised me on was perfect advice and helped me overcome my incredible legal obstacles. She is intelligent, compassionate, professional and treats people like fellow humans. She was honest and forthright and did not charge me for the advice that changed my life. The least I can do is give her a great review and let everyone know that she is the best attorney in the area. Thank you Willison Law!

A Client


I endorse this lawyer. Stephanie is a former prosecutor with great experience and knowledge.

A Personal Injury Lawyer

Stephanie is a knowledgeable and respected attorney in Northern Arizona.

A Criminal Defense Attorney