Can I Date Other People Before My Divorce Is Final in Arizona?

In Arizona, if you wish to date someone while your divorce is pending, how will dating that person affect your divorce proceedings? The divorce process is unique for each couple, so you will need personalized advice from a Prescott divorce attorney.

After going through a divorce, many people are unable to even think about dating again. They need some time to heal emotionally. Some people date while their divorce is pending. There is no guarantee that divorce will take place quickly, so many people are eager to start dating again before the divorce has been finalized. In Arizona, every aspect of your life may be scrutinized during a divorce. Expenditures and social media posts may be carefully examined. Here is some advice for anyone dating while their divorce is pending or thinking of doing so.

When You Date During a Divorce, What Can Happen?
Divorce can begin cordially with both partners cooperating, but when it comes to making decisions about the children or the joint property, any behavior or detail can lead to hostility or bitterness and turn a smooth divorce into one that is contentious, costly, and lengthy.

In Arizona, a judge might assume that you’re not paying enough attention to your children’s welfare or that you’re not spending enough time with them during a difficult time. The judge might hear from your spouse that dealing with divorce is already difficult for the children without the presence of the other party. Your spouse’s divorce attorney in Prescott, AZ, might even investigate the person you’re dating. Your spouse might believe you secretly dated someone before you separated, and that person could be subpoenaed to testify during your divorce trial or deposition.

While Your Divorce Is Pending, What Should You Do?
Most divorce lawyers in Prescott, AZ, advise against dating during divorce because it may aggravate and increase the costs. Divorce settlements almost always take into account the impact of dating on your final settlement, even if a judge doesn’t punish you for going on dates.

Your spouse’s family law attorney in Prescott, AZ, may ask for information about when you started dating, whether any marital property was transferred to the person you date, whether the relationship is sexual, and how much money you have spent on the person you date. Relationships may even trigger unnecessary costs and friction.

Divorce requires a lot of consideration, time, and effort. If you are divorcing, you should try to keep your divorce as simple as possible and avoid anything that might complicate the process. For example, suppose you intend to seek spousal support (alimony) from your ex-spouse but are dating someone and moving in together. In that case, you may have a harder time claiming you need spousal support payments since you’re sharing expenses.

Consider These Tips Before Dating While Divorcing
If you can’t be persuaded to stop dating while your divorce is pending, wait until the divorce is final to start living with your partner. When you’re in love, dating your new love interest during your divorce may not be easy to resist. It’s still important to consider these suggestions if that’s the case:

  1. You shouldn’t date someone until you and your spouse live apart.
  2. Be discreet. Your child should not be introduced to a dating partner until your divorce is finalized. Your custody rights could be impacted if you inadvertently worsen your child’s emotional pain.
  3. Make sure you don’t get pregnant or impregnate someone until your divorce is final. After a child is born, a divorce settlement is delayed until the child’s paternity and the child’s impact on custody and child support can be verified.
  4. Be social, but don’t rush into pairing up.
  5. If you do meet someone you like, be honest about your situation, and don’t date someone else while you are still living with your spouse.
  6. Get support from a newly divorced support group. During and immediately after your divorce, you may experience negative feelings like abandonment or isolation.

What Are the Benefits of Cooperation Between Ex-Spouses?
You may not want to jump back into the dating scene right away, even if you are the one who sought the divorce. An appropriate cooling-off period should be considered. When divorcing spouses have children, it’s best to maintain a cordial relationship. As long as the children are under 18, you will need to keep in touch with your ex-spouse, and dating while divorcing may hinder cooperation.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring the Right Divorce Lawyer?
Although the right family law attorney in Prescott will protect your rights and ensure that you’re treated fairly throughout the divorce process, even the best attorney cannot guarantee that your divorce won’t be embarrassing or unpleasant.

The opposing attorney and even the judge may obtain your social media posts, texts, and emails. When it comes to family law in Prescott, AZ, you must remain discreet to survive your divorce without embarrassment or discomfort.

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