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Arizona family courts make every attempt to preserve the relationship between a mother and child so long as they believe it to be in the child’s best interests. However, while you have important rights as the biological mother of your child, enforcing those rights can be challenging without both a comprehensive understanding of them and assistance from a legal professional.

A Prescott mothers’ rights lawyer could be a crucial ally to have by your side during any family court proceeding. Especially if you want to seek sole custody over your child or compel the child’s father to provide the financial support they owe by law, representation from a seasoned family attorney could make a tremendous difference in how your case ultimately plays out.

Maternal Child Custody Rights in Prescott

When a husband and wife have a child together in Prescott, the state of Arizona assumes that both parties are the child’s biological and lawful parents, granting them the rights and responsibilities that come with parenthood under state law. Of course, if a child is born to unwed parents, there is no question of maternity like there may be when it comes to paternity, so a mother’s rights in this situation effectively do not change.

That being said, the approach that state courts take towards granting physical and legal custody to a child’s parents upon their separation or divorce have evolved significantly over the years, as more women have begun working full-time and more men have begun to take active roles in child-rearing. Due to this, courts no longer automatically assume that a mother is more fit to be a child’s primary caretaker than their father, nor does it even always grant custody rights to a child’s mother in ensuing custody hearings.

If there is a dispute about whether a mother having custody over their child would be in that child’s interests, a Prescott attorney could advocate on a mother’s behalf for her right to make decisions on her child’s behalf and maintain custody or visitation rights. In the same vein, guidance from experienced legal counsel could prove essential when it comes to arguing that a child’s father should not be granted custody rights based on their potential to mistreat, neglect, or abuse the child.

Seeking Child Support from a Child’s Father

Anyone who is considered a child’s biological and/or lawful parent in Arizona is liable to provide financial support for their child, generally until that child turns 18. For this reason, being able to prove paternity can sometimes be crucial to enforcing a mother’s right to receive support payments from her child’s father.

Depending on the circumstances, a paternity hearing could involve presenting the results of biological testing, compelling participation in such testing, or affirming that the signature on a child’s birth certificate affirms their parentage. A mothers’ rights lawyer in Prescott could into more detail about potential options during a private consultation.

Seek Help from a Prescott Mothers’ Rights Attorney

You have rights and obligations as your child’s biological mother that should not be infringed upon. Therefore, it can be important to understand how state law governs your relationship with a child prior to any custody, paternity, or child support proceeding in court.

A Prescott mothers’ right lawyer could help you at every stage of your case and work diligently to pursue a positive outcome on your behalf. Learn more by calling today.

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